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The largest smuggling case cracked Zhuhai China fishing tackle industry history

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 Recreational fishing but is a new sport in recent years at home and abroad popular, according to the statistics of the fishing association, was recorded in various Fishing Association fishing in China the number reached more than 90 million people. Many are keen on fishing consumers therefore is also equipped with multiple sets of special tackle, fishing box and special clothing and footwear and other, thus creating a a huge potential demand of fishing tackle consumer market. And the industry is still at a rate of 20% per year rapid growth. However, it is such a high growth market, but hidden Maoni a lot of smuggling of fishing gear.
One day in May 2013, Zhuhai hill in front of a fishing tackle shop door, passing through here, the Gongbei Customs anti smuggling police found a strange phenomenon, several workers from a Guangdong and Macao brand car unloading some without any mark on the cartons, followed by rapid move to fishing gear shop. "Is there a trick?" An anti smuggling police pretend fishing enthusiasts look into the store, but found that the workers to move goods and goods disappeared. Anti smuggling police intuit: this should not be an ordinary fishing shop.
With the in-depth investigation, a nicknamed "white guy" Macau mainland into the eyes of the anti smuggling police. The family annual operating gear products. Anti smuggling police by monitoring land the whereabouts of a gradually touch platoon Trade Co., Ltd. in Dongguan, Zhuhai, a company and a trading company in Hong Kong and other enterprises and individuals have major fishing tackle of smuggling suspects.
In March 18, 2014, seizing the opportunity is mature, the Gongbei Customs Bureau set up a task force, code named "3 - 18". Day, searched the alleged smuggling of the company and personnel involved in the residence, 36 places, arrested 46 suspects, seized suspected of smuggling of imported brands of fish rod, fishing gear accessories, such as a large number of, a value of approximately $22 million, seizure involved certificates to a group, seizure, freezing of funds 18.96 million yuan.
Because the case is complex, Gongbei Customs anti smuggling bureau decided to establish the series of cases for 4 cases, and investigation work, namely land a gang, Deng a gang smuggling ordinary goods case, Dongguan three * of Smuggling Trade Co., Ltd. gear case, entry Hwang smuggling gear case, Zhuhai Macao * M company smuggling gear case, the total value of 3.58 billion yuan, suspected of tax evasion of 98.9 million yuan, fishing gear involved a total of 161 tons, which Gongbei Customs anti smuggling bureau at the scene seized smuggled fishing with more than 18000 pieces.

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