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China fishing tackle industry future development path analysis

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 In recent years, domestic and foreign economic situation is changing, the fishing tackle industry is also not optimistic, this exhibition is the most intuitive feeling is the decline in trading volume, the continuation of the sales decline this year has been widespread. See nature through the phenomenon, the following are common concerns of the market, the Internet, the Union and other issues to do a simple discussion. I personally think that fishing tackle in China market momentum still ringing in, the adjustment is required, and the timing is right, we can still feel to the Chinese fishing tackle market promising.
China fishing tackle market plate is not reduced, but compared to a specific enterprise, diluted share.
First, the number of fishing population of a dynamic nature is growing, procurement and purchasing frequency in growth, store and shop the number of absolute growth, the growth is actually have decided the fundamentals in the market is expanding. The traditional distribution of first-line cities, second tier cities said, now in the fishing tackle shop has spread to the township level, fishing tackle exhibition organizing committee purchaser database shows, many fish resources abundant, sport fishing and deep areas, fishing tackle shop and population or area ratio has more than the level of developed countries. This year spring exhibition transactions active, main is to store, especially fishing gear shop, exhibitors, the number of customers as little as a few hundred, more than a thousand people, also shows that market segmentation, and very thorough. Market capacity is limited, "based on the XX, radiation XX zero balance" idea, today in the rapid expansion of Internet, logistics network is to possess the.
The essence of "Internet plus" can not "subversion" of the industry, but it is an important industrial upgrading, promote the development of the.
This year, the great development of electricity, online transactions more than 40 yuan (Taobao digital), a variety of subversion, all chips, platforms, App, O2O and so on do not feel in the ear, has been on the line to say. On the other hand, the real economy to feel the pressure from the market. During this year NPC and CPPCC, Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the first mention of the "Internet plus", clearly pointed out that the initial formation of the new economy, entrepreneurship, innovation and play the leading role, almost had two emotions in a panic, said: fishing tackle industry believes that the traditional format will be "Internet plus" 12, to believe that a huge market prospects, reliable self and the "big money". Many enterprises in doing the same thing we saw during the exhibition, all things with the internet. Actually speaking, it has experienced more than 30 years of accumulation. The Internet can not replace everything, can not subvert the core value of the fishing industry. It is a tool that can improve the business model, improve efficiency, be able to easily integrate a carrier of external resources. It must be combined with the entity, as a fishing tackle products value realization ultimately depends on the person and the person exchanges, people and goods exchange. Suitable for your product must get on the fishing shop or show the joy and satisfaction of shopping is very enjoyable. At the same time, no one can deny the role of the Internet and mobile terminals. The arrival of the era of commercial interaction "is not the will of the people, or how long, pure network companies may not exist, the Internet will dissolve into people’s lives every detail, and even change people’s way of thinking. As for how to operate, will discusses characteristics of fishing industry. 80, 90 and 00 is becoming the main consumer of fishing tackle, meet their needs, to learn of their "language", the most simple method, nurturing hired a 80 young people as a manager. He is familiar with the thinking mode of target groups, do not be afraid of their calculation "Uncle" and ages of sport fishing and fishing tackle sale is not so complicated, instead of teaching old comrades registration, sweep the yard, single play phone, as you make direct a call have clock fix.
Alliance is the network to share resources, enterprise product resources, personal network resources together, collaboration and sharing of new things.
Increased competition, increased marketing costs, makes the enterprise can’t find enough living space, enterprises in order to better market to provide customers with solutions, and joint products production, sales, pricing, push activities, not only can reduce marketing costs, but also for the enterprise to provide a new market strategy. This year since the birth of the sink, Pinpai etc. for union representatives, different from the previous 35 good friends "Baotuan heating" exchange, but endowed with the latest business philosophy. To join the alliance company is a veteran of the brand, good brand reputation and distribution channels. But in recent years more or less encountered new problems, for example, they are very good at listening to consumers, agents of the proposal, the result is that consumers led the development of agents around the sales policy. In fact, the sense of urgency of the producers of the consumer is stronger than the consumer, especially when the industry changes. Another example is the "impact of the bright younger generation" "leader". We have many excellent "leader" enterprises, design and manufacturing capabilities than the general enterprise. In recent years, Weihai, Hunan, Hebei, Guangdong, Sichuan and other places as the representative of the industrial group, no choice to impact the market, in particular products so that these "King" feel the pressure. Looking back on the history, this kind of thing has been going on. But the author thinks that the change of industrial structure and the diversification of the enterprise itself brings complexity to the production or the management, the product homogeneity, the lack of the core technology is the problem that can not be ignored. Many companies still

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