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The fishing industry secret

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 Today’s fishing industry competition is more and more severe, there is overwhelming advertising. In the face of advertising that blew the fishing enthusiasts how as if it were raining flowers, in order to avoid being cheated? Some of my things on the gear ring or a better understanding, but often see those false advertising, feel very sad, and how many fishing enthusiasts of deception? Had opened the fishing industry was not standardized, false, false advertising. Decrypt the fishing industry all charlatanism. May many gear manufacturers to see these would really hate me, but to the interests of the majority of fishing friends, I still want to say it is convenient to identify the authenticity of fishing friends to prevent being cheated.
The world fishing rod, 90 percent are produced in China, and China’s rod 80 percent is produced in Weihai, followed by the river Cangzhou). The high-grade pole ninety-five percent is made in Weihai. However, media will see many other regions of the so-called "well-known manufacturers" has several series of fishing rod, and advertising, a variety of events emerge in an endless stream.
It is obvious that they are OEM, fishing rod, fishing friends to buy will be invisible for these "well-known manufacturers" spend the money: a pen is OEM of costs and profits, a pen is the cost of advertising and events. How much of the cost I am an outsider, we can estimate. You can judge from the contest the championship prize judge and advertising time, frequency, generally this rod in the advertising will repeatedly stressed coating, plug, tail blocking what, with swivel system, anti lock braking system, foot is not afraid...... they are in search of their own selling points. Who always locked the pole? Why not do some specific experiments to illustrate his pole how durable?
There is a crash test in the automotive industry. We also to a destructive test, look at the fishing force rod will burst, I believe we are not directed at finishing and packing to buy a fishing rod. When it comes to the fishing, you always get so which long line to "fishing"...... "top fishing...", why not get a Qi pole line to the top of the fishing? Dare not.
Now how many people play long pole short? Pole line heavy Qi the most convincing, we see a fish fly. And the foot rod body does not break, this is your selling point? Who’s this pole to step on, you can not step on you, not on the floor, try to go to the edge of the reservoir! Well, all the rivers and lakes.
Know fishing friends to take their own pole is not willing to go on, so you. In fact, the fishing rod in contact with the ground and the shoe is bigger, more is not easy to damage. As long as it is not very thick pole, on the floor, who can put the egg, the bulb can step on the fishing rod, what. Have abandoned the rod, you can try ah.
"A lot of well-known manufacturers" will have a very full products, for example, in addition to the pole will bracket, fish protection, dip net, all kinds of big line box, sub line box, hook, tickets, fishing line, small drug, bait, fishing box, fishing reel, fishing umbrella, glasses, lamps and lanterns, pole bags, shoes and hats, clothing clothing and so on. And many well-known manufacturers, many of which are a foreign name, * * European well-known brands, the Chinese branch of the * * * * in the United States, Japan * * * * Club......
Others Europeans do not play fishing, are playing and deep sea fishing halleluyah, is to play water, also is ten meters of artillery. They wouldnt be catering to the appetite of the Chinese special? This is a significant feature of the shell company. China’s chemical industry is actually very outdated, gasoline is difficult to reach the standard, not to mention the production line? Said really, the fishing line is really not Zeyang, at best, do net line also almost, packaging on the market the so-called large domestic brand is the most import fishing line in Japan, Korea and Taiwan do, but big brands also don’t need to sell so expensive? The price is far more than the imported line, your cost is really low.
In order to fudge fishing friends, get a fishing line to cut plastic wire box (we just find a cheap fishing line try will understand...... ever heard of the wire?? Use Baidu Search look, what can cut the wire? What line to pull the car, who knows you are uphill or downhill ah, the level of the road, not to mention the fishing line pull cars, one of the Zen I can drive the car, seen the friends waiting in line? Are put out the fire, pushed to go ah. Find a flat place, push yourself to try and see how much effort is required. If it is a slightly downhill, will not push the car away, why have the handbrake?!
Speaking of them. See endless variety of God seas fishing bait and cattle B, and is faster, and nothing for three minutes, Longteng... Than to see who blew big, they fished around gnaw not the local fishing friends? Oh The original is not open in a high density "reservoir" ah! Fish I walk in the side of the aging of how many local fishing friends onlookers? Why are Sichuan’s small drug use all the same? Why is it called the cow B crucian carp? Silly ah! That is not the vitamin B2 plus pigment?
What really matters is your wine and honey, do not believe you try! Depend, a child playing with things now into the secret can sell for money... You fishing friends ah, in basic skills and experience summary work. There is no shortcut! There is a name, what bait bloodworm or particles "

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