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Five characteristics of traditional fishing methods Chinese fishing

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 Economic benefits in line with national conditions
Jiangnan traditional fishing equipment is simple, usually a pole line and a float a hook, less investment, quick effect, in line with the level of consumption of more working-class, is also in line with China’s national conditions and customs. Fishing in order to obtain labor outside the desire, always want to the most economical means to obtain fishing fun, and hope to have fun and get a benefit to improve the living, this is many people involved in fishing common mentality. The author of a little money to buy a beanpole, buy a plate line, with more than 10 hook, and then find some chickens, ducks and other poultry feathers float will be able to buy a set of traditional fishing guy, a yuan of money two bags of earthworms, 3 yuan 2 pounds of millet, can go to around the pond ditch clear day. If you want to save money, every year in the winter, to solve the problem of self recovery rod reed. Although now fishing prices relatively cheap, but Nanjing suburban area, there are still many fishing fans in the use of dubbed pike reed fishing rod.
That is changing to adapt to a wide range
Although the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Heilongjiang and other five major river systems in our country, more than tens of thousands of large and medium-sized reservoirs nearly two hundred natural lakes and numerous rivers and ditches, but is water resource poor countries, according to the population average distribution of fish resources relative lack of and environmental protection consciousness weak, poison, the illegal acts of the fish, fish to fish resources caused great harm, fish the waters of natural fishing has become an indisputable fact. How to improve the bait fishing rate? Traditional fishing can be easily done, as long as do round nest dens, fishing, horse fishing fishing can be improved. The fish season changes, traditional fishing by buoyancy or fishing for bottom fishing float. Many natural waters of the fishing environment is bad, there is no ready-made fishing. But the traditional fishing could care less about the lake and the water gap, as long as the river to stop people can by control environment factors.
Simple and quick with water
A lot of Jiangnan in natural waters are wild weeds or other obstacles, and these barriers where exactly is fish like gathering place, in the weeds of the environment, of course, can not be implemented hanging pendant fishing, and traditional fishing can be arbitrarily selected fishing point. In addition, there is a mobility, traditional fishing can easily go fishing. Coupled with the Jiangnan Water Network clouds, ditch branch more environmental factors, a lot of water only 50-70 cm depth, only suspended fall fishing buoy depth) so, only to traditional fishing methods.
Go fishing optional mobility strong
A bike with pole line Floating Hook luring bait and a prosperous fish of utensils for a few, can solve the traditional fishing strong mobility of all the problems, especially suitable for playing a shot for a place "guerrilla" wild fishing tactics, and these advantages are hanging pendant fishing does not have. Of course, the advantages of traditional fishing is not only the above-mentioned points, the walking fish is quite advantage. From 2004 "fishing" magazine published the article, both Zhengzhou fishing hand of Ms Li won the 10 kg carp fishing or Anhui Mingguang fishing friends Liu sea fishing weight for 72.5 kg herring, not using the traditional method of fishing fishing. From these examples, we can see the advantages of traditional fishing for big fish.
For easy walking fish
Don’t say for traditional fishing fish talk advantage, time-saving, easy to learn. Quick start, easy to popularize. The traditional method of fishing and wins hanging pendant fishing chip, choose a fishing, sprinkle some bait, fishing line to the pole of the snake letter a hanging, can open fishing, the process need only 3 ~ 5 minutes. Again from the point of view of time and speed, a man who has never tried to fish, as long as the patient to learn from others, will soon catch fish. So, easy to learn, easy to popularize is one of the five characteristics of traditional fishing

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