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Wild fishing for carp group collocation skills

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 A hook, selection skills 

 In the wild fishing choice hook is there are some guidelines and tips, because of the different environmental waters, fish growth environment is different, resulting in fish body weight differences, and the fish bite the efforts are also different, choose the hook is somewhat different. 
 When fishing in reservoirs, ponds or lakes and rivers, according to the size of fishes in the waters of weight to choose the right hook, for example, about one or two small carp fishing in the pond ditch river use hook types in 0.5-1,. 
 If in larger waters fishing carp weight in one to 32 per cent, the use of hook, 2-3 is enough to deal with half pound carp the, if fishing for carp in large lakes and reservoirs, the individual weight to half a catty to a pound, it is best to choose 5-6, hook, in order to ensure is hook door can not be straightened or breaking lead to running fish. 
 Wild fish when Quad matching degree of bite rate influence only according to fish season collocation quad to ensure the entrance hook bait, let the fish easily inhaled in order to ensure the rate of fish on. 
 Two, sub line selection skills 
 Wild fishing for carp, the only choice is to appropriate sub line to ensure baited hooks in the morphology of the whereabouts of the water to the fish have enough incentive effect, and fell to the bottom still conform to the fish eating efforts and bite conditions. 
 Another subsidiary of line selection will influence to eat fish hook size, when fishing if found floater reaction of very weak and small, almost can not see clearly action, which indicates that the sub line may too thick, the fish in the ceiling hook when the efforts is not enough, or appear the phenomenon of block. 
 Reasonable selection of the line thickness to catch fish body size, say one or two below the number of small carp more, to catch small carp when the need to use a sub line no.0.4, if you catch one or two words between half a catty crucian carp to 0.6, the lines in the selection, of course, the standard just a general reference, select the specific to according to the wild weather and climatic bubo situation to choose. 
 Three, the main line of choice skills 
 When fishing for carp in the wild, the use of main types of must is bigger than the sub line, Quad span is very large, so sub line and the main line of the match must be reasonable, specific collocation according to fishing carp individual weight to decide. 
 Selection of main line is usually based on the sub line, the main use of Tex span can be large, for example, according to the status of fish season chose 0.6, sub line, in the main line of collocation can use 0.8 or 1.0, and if used is 2.0, sub line then you need to 3.0, the main line of collocation, generally use the sub line is thicker, then choose the main span will be greater. 
 Also need to pay attention to is a fishing line of better quality, high-quality fishing line production process will be compared to standard is very strict, the use of material is also very good, when the quad into the water to maintain excellent soft degree, soft lines in the swaying in the water will increase the effect of luring fish, and poor fishing line in winter after the water will become stiff influence ate the fish hook and floater reaction, so in the selection of fishing line to choose the best quality brand fishing line. 
 Four, fishing rod selection skills 
 More complex environment of wild fish, terrain water temperature will affect the fish season, fish activity area and water will change at any time. That could be the length of each paired with a, needs to catch far to catch deep or wo trapping fish can using a long pole in the choice of fishing rod, if use short rod sensitive coastal walk side, reasonable collocation to ensure there is a good harvest in the field.
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