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Fishing gear and method of using common

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 A fishing rod
Fishing is the main part of fishing tackle, fishing line, fishing hooks, lead sinkers, floater are with the fishing rod matched and connected as a whole. In recent years, the traditional bamboo, reed or bamboo reed mixed to make the fishing rod has been basically no longer use, instead is fishing in a wide variety of modernization, such as manufacturing glass steel pole, carbon rods and glass fiber and carbon fiber mixed fishing rod and so on. The fishing rod is characterized with light weight, good elasticity, toughness, bending resistance, water resistance is strong, not afraid of insects, flexible and convenient operation, the appearance is exquisite and beautiful. In addition to computer automatic fishing device and adjustable fishing rod rack, fishing by love.
Fishing pole, sea fishing, sea dual purpose poles three. 6 meters long for the long rod; 2.5 meters below for short rods; between the two for the long pole. Long rod can be shot, is conducive to the bait, the researchers used for robust and strong. Short rod flexible operation, portability, is suitable for fishing or fishing near the water fishpond, especially for the elderly can choose. Medium and long poles both long and short rods, fishing for a wide range of young and old fishing friends are applicable.
In the purchase of fishing rod, should pay attention to good 3: one is the appearance of intact without mishap, scratches, pits or extrusion deformation can not be; second, accessories complete structure is tight, especially pulling type, insert type multi section pole, where the connecting parts of the loose and easy to be out of joint coexist with potential cracks can not be; three is in accordance with the requirements of the overall strength and toughness, not strong flexibility, no resistance to bending or other folding pole signs are not to.
If you attend the fishing contest, fishing is generally required to choose the standard, one for each pole, a fishing rod, or choose one. The usual fishing, also can be optional materials, homemade Yugan, with their handy on the line. The author made Yugan, choose a few cases with fishing friends.
Two, fishing
The size of the line thickness, tension and dyeing, transparency is good or bad, will directly affect the rate. At present, commercial fishing line, is a monofilament nylon suture. According to the needs of fishing, should be divided into three kinds:
(1) artificial fishing
Including monofilament nylon line, multi strand nylon line. Monofilament nylon suture anti tensile strength, toughness, water, corrosion resistance, high transparency, widely used. But in the cold season fishing, the line will become hard brittle;
Long-term exposure in the sun aging. Nylon line soft texture, withstand pressure and touch, cold resistant. But line diameter is thick, opaque, subtle difference, low stretching resistance, except for a few fishing for winter fishing outside, usually use of rope and cage culture, support and the tuck net fishing.
(2) natural fiber line
Including the silk thread and cotton, soft and low temperature resistance, is suitable for winter fishing line. In particular, the silk line, with a natural light yellow, good concealment, anti pull strong, with it for the brain line, the general freshwater ferocious fish is not easy to break. (3) metal fishing
Including copper wire, nickel wire, etc.. Currently commercially available, can be self. Such as scrap copper core thin wires, strands of telephone line, stripped of insulation layer removed filaments can be used, mainly used as brain line, to adapt to the fishing for wild fish.
In the purchase of fishing, the best practical test the tension. Method is with a bag containing sand, lift a tying line, the broken line stretch of sand weight is the line of the actual pull, the standard calibration control can determine whether or not qualified. In addition, the line will be rubbed into a group, with both hands to squeeze, after loosening to see whether it can automatically recover in a moment, quickly restored without fold marks, indicating that the line flexibility is good. At the same time, but also to observe whether flawed, slack phenomenon. Such as color thread, hand twist, to see whether the fade. After inspection, if found signs of defective products, do not buy.
Three, fishing hooks
The fishhook basic requirements is hook sharp, powerful sticklebacks, hook tough elastic and hat hooks suitable tie hook, hook moderate, barb and the hook angle should between 25 degrees to 30 degrees.
According to the purpose of use, it can be divided into two categories: productive fishing hook and recreational fishing hook. The former is thick and the hook is large; the latter is fine and the hook is small. The fishhook hook handle and a hook, hook tail three parts.
Four, winding wheel
The reel and the sea rod matching tool for deepwater fishing far, also is an important sign to a new level of fishing tackle. So more and more attention by the majority of fishermen.
More representative, there are the following:
(1) electric winding wheel
Characteristics of the operation is flexible, the fishing power of large, digital display, the fish hook can automatically switch on the power, so as to drive spool automatic rotary take-up. But the price is very expensive, large size, inconvenient to carry.
(2) spinning wheel
Is one of the more widely used at present. Easy operation, small resistance, the line speed is relatively fast, inexpensive, but the structure is more complex.
(3) sealing type winding wheel
The working principle of rotary type winding wheel. In the winding plate metal shell inlaid on the top of a light, leaving the outlet hole. Is not disorderly line, sediment is not easy to enter, and is conducive to the protection of fishing reel.
(4) disc wheel
Shaped like a horseshoe. Advantage is durable, fishing capacity, light weight, and the phenomenon of fish "tug of war" does not occur. But crude production, investment pole resistance large, there is no spinning wheel flexible (the train of Russian, in Manchuria, Suifenhe border trade market sale).
(5) pocket type

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