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The grouper fishing

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 Grouper fish, also known as (FISH) fish, along the coast of China in Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong waters more, common species have red spotted grouper, Epinephelus awoara and wind lines of grouper. Large individual growth in the tropical sea area, up to 40 kg, more common in temperate regions under 2 kg. Grouper bottom settled fishes, hi habitat on the island reef hole, infested on reef clusters of gravel of the bottom, can change with the plumbing depth vertical movement, carnivorous predatory fishes, often to surprise prey, fear of wind and waves, like water.
Fishing: determine the grouper settlements and water activity. Grouper in late spring and summer move to shallow water, but still water depth at about 30 meters, in 20 meters water district caught usually to individual small majority. Can choose the wind micro wave is small, water is clear of the reef area, in the dorsal stream of subcritical flow area between the gravel and reef cluster under the hook, in order to catch grouper. Grouper spawning period is 4~6 months after spawning rockfish bait fishing season is strong, the best 6~10 months. From late autumn to spring, grouper hide deep inside the reef, it is difficult to catch.
Fishing tackle: fishing on reefs, etc., due to the complex topography, throw rod sink to the bottom fishing and hand line fishing are easy to hook, the author through a series of tests that ideal fishing method for light rock fishing floating rock fishing, we introduce to you. 1.4.5 m long hard to adjust the pole. The utility model can be used for a wire winding wheel which is easy to be quickly closed, such as (a transmission ratio is more than 1:5.5), and a strong fishing line with a diameter of about 0.37 mm is wrapped around the wheel. About 5B circular sliding float a po. B in the water float a. Large figure 8 swivels, one end node main line, on the swivel metres node a space beans, installed Po after bleaching in the knot again a space beans, water bleaching, retaining beans. Brain line. Grouper have two rows of dense fine teeth, easy to bite the fishing line, and loaded thin wire and easy to cause it pour into account, so should use FireWire (bite). The line about 0.35 mm long about 1 meters, it can be directly tied to the soft hook and not bite, very easy to use. A short hook of a Ise, 6, or so, which is large, large, and pointed toward the inner side of the hook.
The bait: live shrimp is universal bait are also most likely to arouse the attention of grouper, at the reef with shrimp (local names), or shrimp good, because they do not like white shrimp often float on the water surface, and at the pier fishing in addition to freshwater shrimp and other shrimp can be.
Diaofa: when the line into the water after the water drift with fishing line sinking fast, the bait can be harassment from the upper small fish, floating in the water and the AWA drift to match, not afraid of wind, wave, flow urgent and stabilize the AWA sensitivity drift. Then swivel following brain line and bait will with the current mobile ambled (brain line length should be to no end of hanging is appropriate), the hidden in the reef hole grouper very tempting. When found Po bleaching first sink into the water, not to mention rod, later floating and sink back into the water until the invisible float rods will be able to hook a fish. This scene, in the night on the float with luminous stick more exciting.

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